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    Excerpt from Ch. 4-Valentine's Day is For Girls - Mersam Evans Tales →

    Later that day, Mikey and Julie arrived at his home and walked into the house as music was being played . They glanced at each other before Mikey spoke. “I found out my daddy is really mushy.” He stated. Julie shrugged some before she decided to speak. “That’s okay. My mama said, that’s a good thing in a person. Someone who can show they care about others.” Mikey thought about it as they walked into the kitchen were they found his dad placing flowers about the room. “Dad?” He called to Sam, who turned around and smiled. “Hey, Mikey.” He said as he placed the last flower on the table with a note. “I was finishing this up before your mom and Sophie come back from her dentist appointment.” 

    Mikey nodded as he glanced from his dad to Julie. “Dad, this is Juliette. Julie, this is my dad, Sam Evans.” Sam reached out and shook the young girl’s hand as they both smile. “Nice to meet you Juliette.” Sam stated. “Everyone calls me Julie, sir. Nice to meet you too.” “Dad, she lives down the block and her mom said she come hang out with us for Valentine’s day. Is that okay?”

    Sam looked from the girl to his son and back before he spoke. “But, um, son I thought you thought that valentine’s day was for girls?” Mikey’s cheeks began to heat up as he looked at his dad. “Dad! It’s a okay holiday. Besides, I got a valentine from Julie.” He said before he looked at her. “Can I show it?” He asked her, when they all heard the front door open. “Sure.” She said. 

    "We’re home!" Mercedes and Sophie said as they walked in. "We’re in the kitchen!" Sam called to them as he watched Mikey reach in his book bag and pull out an envelope. Mercedes locked the door, while Sophie took off towards the kitchen. She took her time reaching them as Sam opened the envelope and pulled out the green construction papered heart. He opened it and read what was said. His eyes went wide as Mercedes walked over and slipped an arm around him, noticing the flowers everywhere.

    "What’s that?" She said as she leaned in and read what it said. A smile lit Sam’s face first, before hers as he glanced at her. Mercedes gave a light chuckle as he began to speak in a different language. "Nga plltxe na’vi ?" (You speak na’vi?) Mikey glanced at Julie, who just stood tall and proud before she opened her mouth to speak. "Yes sir, oe plltxe na’vi." (Yes sir, I speak na’vi.) Mercedes and Sam both stared wide eyed at the young girl as Sam narrowed his eyes at her. "Who taught you this?" He asked as he handed Mikey back his valentine. "I learned on my own sir. My mama bought the movie and I love it. I found the language online and taught myself." ‘She admitted as she felt embarrassed.

    "You like that boring movie?" Sophie asked as Mikey grew mad. "Sophie! Mom!" He called to Mercedes. "Soph, go put your stuff up and get ready for dinner and for our family fun before bed." "Okay, mama." Sophie said as she left for her room. Mercedes proudly looked on before she placed a kiss on top of Mikey’s head. "Happy valentine’s day sweetie. Happy valentine’s day, Julie." Mercedes said before she left the room. "Aww, mama." Mikey groaned playfully. "Thank you, Mrs. Evans. Happy valentine’s day to you too." Sam beamed as he cleared his throat. "Mikey, go pick out a movie you want to watch and have Julie pick one out too." "Okay, dad." Mikey said Julie walked out of the kitchen. Sam reached for Mikey’s shoulder, stopping him from leaving. "Mikey?" Sam said, causing Mikey to turn to him. "She’s a keeper. When you become a grown-up, make sure you marry her." "Dad!" Mikey said in a loud whisper between the two of them.

    Sam watched his son walk off as he slowly shook his head. “I think I honestly just met my future daughter-in-law.”

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