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    Excerpt of Chapter 15: Loving Me 4 Me -of my Samcedes' fic, 'A Gift Of Song For You' →

    She saw his slick back hair was dried and his eyes looked sullen. “Sam, this is my private room. Your private room, is across the hall from me. Remember?” She reminded him. Sam simply nodded as he eased his head against one of her extra pillows. “I remember now. Just so tired from everything.” He said as he closed his eyes. “I even forgot that today is Valentine’s day. But by the time I remembered, I couldn’t come up with anything.” He told her as he slowly opened his eyes to look at her. 

    Mercedes gave him another small smile as she reached out and caressed his cheek. “Don’t worry, Sam. You did such a big Valentine’s day gift for me last year, I’m still good. In fact, today I have been listening to my Ipod of you singing all the songs you sung to me. I still have it.” She held it up. “So, it’s all okay. But I do have a gift for you.”

    Sam quietly looked at her as he gave a tired smile. “Really? What is it?” He asked as he tried to sit up. Mercedes just placed her left index finger upon his lips to hush him. “This.” She said as he watched her use her free hand to turn on her mini notebook that was next to them on the bed.

    Mercedes clicked on a song title and soon an familiar melody began to play. She helped Sam out of his jacket as she started to sing to him.

    People ask if I’m in love with you
    Because I’m sitting here with your picture 
    And smiling to myself (I smile)
    I’m kinda lost in my own thoughts of you
    My heart speaks before my mind thinks through 
    And I blush as I say yes (yes)

    He remained quiet as he listened to her, while he watched her toss his jacket on a nearby chair. She then moved down and took off his tennis shoes. She placed them on the floor before turned back to face him. 

    What a feeling of vulnerability coming over me 
    And I’m feeling weak and I can’t speak (speak) and I can’t think
    Never thought I’d give in so willingly to a human being
    With abilities to set me free
    Free, and let me be me
    Makes me want to say

    Mercedes continued to sing to Sam as his tired eyes never left her face. She noticed through the tiredness, a twinkle softened them. She moved closer and hovered her face over his while she let her hands moved all over his body. 

    Your lips, your eyes, your smile, your kiss
    I must admit it’s a part of me
    You please me, completely, believe me
    Like a melody
    Your soul, your flow, your youth, your truth is simply proof
    We were meant to be
    But the best quality that’s hookin’ me
    Is that you’re loving me for me (loving me)
    Is that you’re loving me for me (ooh)

    Sam gently closed his eyes as he relaxed under her touch. He reached out and let his hands touch all over her body as well. They settled onto her hips before his fingers started to massage at her sides. Mercedes watched him open his eyes back and felt his hands closed around her hips. He pulled her on top of his body, letting her inhale his smell of Axe body gel, deodorant, and a faint hint of chlorine from swimming. The smell began to relax her as she continued to sing to her man.

    People ask why I’m in love with you
    Well, let me start by saying
    You got my heart by just being who you are 
    And what we got is between me and you
    It doesn’t matter about the money I make 
    Or what I do, or that I’m a, huh, a star

    Sam could smell the cinnamon on her breath mix in with the cotton candy perfume she only wore for him. He loved how she made her voice sexy, light, and soft for him. Her voice was driving him insane and making him horny at the same time. Right now she made him tremble as her voice caressed him all over. From his mind and body to his heart and soul. He exhaled a deep breath before he whispered to her. “Lay with me.”

    Unconditionally you’re there for me 
    Undeniably you inspire me, spiritually, oh so sweet
    This is meaningful, it’s incredible, pleasurable, unforgettable
    The way I feel, so surreal
    Makes me want to say

    Mercedes did as she was told and snuggled with him, while she continued to sing. The feeling Sam felt was out of this world. He felt like he was in Heaven. And lying next to him was his goddess. This was the best Valentine’s day present ever. And he knew from last year, that it could get better.

    Your lips, your eyes, your smile, your kiss
    I must admit it’s a part of me
    You please me, completely, believe me
    Like a melody
    Your soul, your flow, your youth, your truth is simply proof
    We were meant to be
    But the best quality thats hookin’ me
    Is that you’re loving me for me (loving me)
    Is that you’re loving me for me (oh oh yeah)

    A yawn escaped his lips as both Mercedes’ voice and the soft music was beginning to lull him deep asleep. He didn’t want to fall asleep on her, but mixed in with the fact he was already tired, he was losing this battle. Mercedes glanced up as she could see the sleepiness on his face, giving in. She just continued to sing to him, understanding why he was staying up.

    Its so amazing how something so sweet 
    Has come and rearranged my life
    I’ve been kissed by destiny
    Oh, heaven came and saved me 
    An angel was placed at my feet
    This isn’t ordinary, he’s loving me for me

    Sam was finally asleep as Mercedes adjusted herself in his arms. She placed her lips at his ear and gave it a kiss before she finished the song. She let her voice send pleasant thoughts into whatever dream he was having. 

    Stripped of all make up, no need for fancy clothes
    No cover ups, push ups
    With him, I dont have to put on a show
    He loves every freckle, every curve, every inch of my skin
    Fulfilling me entirely, taking all of me in
    He’s real, he’s honesty, and he’s loving me for me

    Mercedes listened to the music fade off as she played with the top of his hairline as she looked lovingly at him. She leaned in as she pressed her mouth against his. “I love you, Sam Evans. Happy Valentine’s day, baby.” She said in a vibration on his lips. She pulled back as she noticed the smile he gave in his sleep. Sam pulled her back against his body and snuggled with her, before he buried his face into the side of her neck.

    Mercedes sighed happily at the feeling as she was content at where they were right then. She closed her eyes, ready to go to sleep and dream of their future as husband and wife and any kids they could someday have.

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