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    Excerpt of Chpt 2 of my Samcedes' fic, 'The Start of Something Beautiful' →

    Sam popped the dvd in and took off his bolo tie off, slipping it in his jacket pocket as he sat down. As the title credit appeared on the screen, he unbutton the top two buttons before slipping off his suit jacket to draped it on the arm of the couch. Sam got comfortable as he started to get into this movie.

    Mercedes hung up her dress in her closet as she went to the mirror, dressed in her pajamas and footie socks. She began to take pins and clips out her hair before she wrapped her head up in a satin scarf. She figured since Sam probably left already, she would go downstairs and watch some cable tv. 

    She left out her room and heard the tv’s surround sound on, causing her to quickly go downstairs to the living room where she froze at the entrance. There she saw the back of Sam’s head as he sat there quoting lines from Star Wars. Amazed at the sight, she softly walked up and placed a hand upon his shoulder causing him to look up.

    "Mercedes! About time you came back." Sam smiled as she walked in front of him before moving to sit down next to him. "Sam?" She said with surprise. "What are you still doing here?" Sam paused the movie and looked at her. "Well, I wasn’t going to leave until I said goodbye. And when you took the dishes in the kitchen, I heard the phone ring. So, I looked around in the living room and saw this movie." He explained as he held up the cover to the movie as he grinned. "One of my favorites. I know every line. And while I waited for you to come back I started to watch. I just didn’t know you would be gone for an hour." Mercedes kept a look of surprise upon her face as she spoke. "I went to change, shower, and get into my bed clothes. The only reason I came back down was I didn’t want to fall asleep in the house alone. My parents decided to stay at a hotel and have some fun for the weekend. I was going to watch something on cable."

    Sam noticed the blankets and pillow in her hands as he took them from her. “Well, if you don’t mind the company I would like to hang out with you longer.” Sam said as he watched Mercedes fight a small smile as she nodded. Sam sighed happy as he helped her with the pillow behind their heads. Mercedes covered them both with the blankets, to fight the chill of the air conditioner blowing about the room. They got comfortable as Sam pressed play to continue the movie.

    The movie went on as Mercedes began to relax next to Sam. The prom, eating, and taking a shower did her in as she began to fall asleep. Her head started to slip down some as Sam turned towards her to say something. His face was inches from hers as he could smell cinnamon toothpaste and mouthwash from her lips. He frowned at the fact he was comfortable watching her instead of one of his favorite movies of all time. He watched her move some until she was curled sitting up and turned towards him. He turned towards her as she snuggled under the blankets more. 

    Sam didn’t realize, as he continued to stare at Mercedes, he was moving towards her. Before he knew it, his lips captured hers and gave her a small, soft kiss. A sleeping Mercedes kissed him back as he pulled away. He noticed her mouth slightly open, waiting for more. He smiled as he let his thumb graze across her lips while he bit down on his bottom lip. He wondered if she would mind if he held her as she slept.

    His answer came in the form of Mercedes sighing as she snuggled closer to Sam. He took her in his arms and held her as he watched the rest of the movie until it ended. He turned the movie off and turned on cable tv as he stared at her, peaceful in his arms until he fell asleep himself.

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