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    Excerpt of Chpt 8 of my Samcedes' fic, 'The Start of Something Beautiful' →

    Sam continued to stare at him as Steve quickly went back to concentrating on the road. He watched Stevie and Stacy with their eyes closed before he finally glanced at the text message. I will. I hope you have a good night’s sleep as well. :) He gave a sly grin in the darkness of the car as he began to type. He pressed send and waited for her respond.

    Mercedes was up in her room , getting into her gown as she heard her cell ring that  she received a text message. She finished getting dressed before she got on her knees to say a prayer. When she finished she got up and got into bed, grabbing her phone to read what Sam said. I will only have a good night’s sleep if I end up dreaming about you. Mercedes laughed as she snuggled her head into the pillow. “What am I going to do with you?” She smiled to herself and started to type as she grew sleepy. 

    Sam was back at the hotel with his family as everyone got settle and got ready for bed. Stacy and Stevie were out like a light after their baths. And the same was said about their dad. His mom was in the tub relaxing as he laid there, not being able to go back to sleep. He felt his phone vibrate in the pocket of his sweats as he pulled it out to read it. Lol! You are too much, Sam Evans. What will I do with u?” Sam , looked up and got his keycard before slipping out the door. He walked outside in the hot July weather as he was dressed in his old football t shirt and a pair of flip-flops. He stared at the phone as he continued to walk around. He decided to take a chance and dialed the number he had been texting all night. 

    Mercedes heard the ring tone she had set for Sam’s phone wake her out of her sleep. She noticed she had fell asleep it with in her hand. She blinked some as she answered it. “Hello?” She whispered the sleep in her voice into the phone. “Cedes?” He softly said her name while a warm wind blew around him as he continued to walk around. “Sam?” She called his name softly as she continued to lay in the dark. “I got your last message.” He said as he waited for her to speak. “Oh,okay.” She said as her eyes slowly closed. ” I wanted to answer your question.” “Question? What Question?” Mercedes asked in a mumbled tone.

    He smiled as his hair flew about his head. ” You texted me that I was funny and you wondered what will you do with me? Well, I have answer for that.” “What is it?” She softly asked. “Keep me, forever.” He whispered to her. Mercedes’ eyes opened up before they squinted as she wasn’t sure on what he said. “What was that?” She asked unsure. “I said, keep me forever Mercedes Jones.” “Wow. Well, Sam Evans that’s a pretty important job to give someone. You sure you want to give me the job?” She asked in a serious tone.

    Sam suddenly smiled as he knew that answer before he even called her. “Without a doubt. There’s no one else.” He said to her ,giving a double meaning to what he was saying. Mercedes sat there in the dark as she started to grin as she felt her spirit fill up. “Cedes?” He called to her . “I’m here. I will be honored.” She smiled. “Great!” He smiled back. He noticed a iron staircase as he walked back near where he stayed. “Well that’s solved. Now, if only I could solve the issue of getting back to sleep.”

    "Aww. Poor, baby. I think I can help you with that." She said as she got comfortable. "Well, I don’t think you can get here fast enough to sleep next to me. Besides, no room or privacy." He joked. "Ha. Ha. I was talking about singing to you. Get comfortable and then I will start." She said as she waited for him to get comfortable. ……..

    ……Sam closed his eyes as he listened to her sing ‘Ain’t No Way’ to him. He remembered when she sung this that night of their benefit concert. He never told anyone this but he was simply in awe of her. While everyone moved about and swayed, he was just frozen. All he could do was focus on her looking radiantly beautiful under the spotlight as she sung the song deep from her soul. She easily captured the entire audience of Sandy, Blaine, Holly, Will, and the rest of the Glee club as well as capturing something inside of him. He knew Santana was just jerking him around. But apart of him hoped she wasn’t . When she went with Dave, he felt like he was free. Free to try his hand with love one more time. And this time it was for keeps. And he secretly wanted it to be with Mercedes.

    Thank goodness Rachel stepped in and came up with that three way prom on a budget. He really wasn’t going to go because of his family’s situation. Then Rachel asked him the first time and he had to let her know she wasn’t his type. She’s a nice girl and good friend, but she’s in that group of girls at school who would rather focus on themselves unless you can serve a purpose to their needs. Besides she and Finn had drama and he so didn’t want to be in the middle of that. But when Rachel surprised him the week after his 17th birthday with the prom on a budget idea and Mercedes was in on it as well, he knew he had to say yes. It might be his only chance to get to go out with her.

    And even though he can be a prick, thank goodness for Jesse St. James. Because him hanging over Rachel freed him up to ask Mercedes to dance. She sat at that table all night. He watched her and noticed she didn’t get up and mingle or dance with anyone else. He was afraid she would say no, but again he had to take a chance. When he went up there and told her that she looked beautiful , he noticed a look of surprise in her eyes and on her face. And when he asked her to dance, he noticed how happy she looked. And that made him happy. She felt good and wonderful in his arms as they danced to the end of the slow song. And had a ball the rest of the night together.

    But once prom was all over and they had just dropped Rachel off, the events that happened made him realize she must be the one . And right now proves it. She’s up singing to him when she should be getting rest. A smile crept up on his face as he felt himself start to slip into slumber….

    ….Mercedes her heard phone and she grabbed it off the nightstand and saw it was a text from Sam. Good night, Diva. Love you. Mercedes blinked as she sat there in shock at the last two words. Love you. Not luv ya or something that doesn’t feel the way love you does. She took a deep breath and decided not to read too much into it until she sees him. But that didn’t stop her falling back to sleep as she dreamed of them together.

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