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    Excerpt of Chpt 9 of my Samcedes' fic, 'The Start of Something Beautiful' →

    Blaine and Kurt both grew concerned for their friend as Sam look down and played with a paper napkin. Blaine touched his shoulder as he spoke. “What happened with you and Mercedes, Sam?” Sam looked up and shown his unshed tears. “That’s it. Nothing happened. Nothing bad, anyway. I’m just afraid that this summer was just that a summer thing. That she won’t want to be with me. I don’t mind us keeping our thing between us. It’s private and special that way. But I don’t want us to be apart. You know?” He asked them. “I think I- we understand.” Kurt said to Sam as he shared a look with Blaine. 

    "I don’t think Mercedes would ever treat this as a summer fling." Blaine said as he shook his head. "That doesn’t sound like her." "It isn’t her." Kurt added. "Mercedes, would never do that. Just talk to her. Besides, you’ll see soon." "What?" Sam asked. "August begins tomorrow. You have one more month before summer’s over." Kurt explained. "School, will be here soon enough and you’ll see." He said to Sam, hoping that Sam will calm down and relax the rest of the summer.

    Mercedes was driving to the Lima Bean when she noticed Sam walking away from it. “Sam!” She said as she pulled off the road and waited for him to come to the car. “Hey.” He said glumly. “Sam? Are you okay?” She asked him as he nodded. “Get in. Get in, Sam.” She demanded. He climbed in and buckled up before she drove to a park and turned the engine off. She unbuckled the seat belt as she turned in her seat as she noticed Sam with a lost look. She sighed as she got out of the car and began to walk. Sam noticed her get out and walk away. “Mercedes!” Sam as he got out and went after her. She kept walking as he continued to call after her. 

    "Cedes! Diva!" He said as he caught up to her and spun her around. "Did you hear me call you?" He asked as he noticed she had her arms folded and her head tilted in his direction. "Yes, I did. But I felt since you didn’t want to talk to me. You would talk when you were ready. Are you ready, Sam?" She asked him.

    Sam just gave a slow nod before he watched her unfold her arms and take his hand in one of hers. “Now, tell me everything.” She said as they walked over to a bench to sit down. Sam told her everything , including talking to Blaine and Kurt. When it was over, Mercedes turned his face to hers and gave a small smile before leaning into kiss his softly. Sam kissed her back before they looked at one another. “What was that for?” He asked her. “It was for the fact that I have the most sweetest, sensitive, geeky, goofy, lovable, wonderful boyfriend in the world. And I am proud of it.” She told him with a smile.

    Sam blinked as he the moisture from the unshed tears attach to his lashes as he watched her start to smirk. “What?” She said to him. “Boyfriend?” He said to her. “Is that all you heard?” She laughed. “Well, I heard it all , but that word stuck out more. Boyfriend.” He tried it out once more. “Well, I can take it back if its too much.” She said as he reached out to her. “NO! No! Don’t. Because, I want to call you my girlfriend. Although, you’re my Diva first.” He said as he turned his body completely towards hers.

    "Sam, don’t worry. We keep things the same between us, except one new change." "I’m your boyfriend and you’re my girlfriend?" He tried it out again as the smile on his face spread wider. "Yeah." Mercedes said as she cleared her throat, getting his attention. "Is there something on your mind?" He asked as he watched her face. "Remember when I sung you to sleep?" She said as she noticed his smile was back as he nodded. "Yeah, I do. Why?" 

    Mercedes pulled her phone out of her pocket as she searched for a certain text as she spoke. “Well, you sent me a text message and I didn’t understand what you meant.” She said as she handed him her phone. Sam stared at the text from the lit up screen as he read the message he left her. Good night, Diva. Love you. Sam nodded as he looked back at her. “Oh, I’m sorry about that. I was so sleepy that I didn’t feel like typing it out.”

    Mercedes’ face fell as she listened to him explain. She knew she was reading too much into it. “Oh,okay. Well, that’s okay.” She said as she reached for the phone as he continued. “Yeah I meant to type out, ‘Thank you. That was so beautiful and you’re beautiful. Get some rest and good night, Diva.” He softly said as he held onto the cell and her hand. “I love you.” Mercedes looked from their hands and the cell phone between them before she glanced up into Sam’s eyes. “Huh?” She asked in disbelief.

    Sam gave a small smile as he closed in. “I said I love you.” He repeated before he kissed her deeply. 

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