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About Haters Hating Mercedes, Any ship with her in it, or hating Amber..

I don’t care about what you hate or how you feel about why you hate it or her or not like her. As long as Amber is happy and healthy and living a good happy life.. as long as her friends (those fellow glee actors and non..) that is all that matters! Same for those who ship Amber with whomever or ship Mercedes with whomever.. As long as those who love/like the ship and are happy, that it’s all that matters! Besides, why do you care who someone likes/ loves/ ships! I don’t like alot celebs or  reality stars or characters or musicians.. but they don’t care if I don’t like/love/ship them and trust me they aren’t worried that I don’t …do you really think that Kim K givesa damn that I can care less about her? No. You think that Beyonce or Halle Berry cares that I don’t like them or support what they do? Nope. They have people who do and they concentrate on them. Same with ships..if you don’t like a ship fine… don’t like a ship.. others will…besides, there are people who don’t like your ship.. and they can. Not everyone is going to like everyone… I don’t and won’t.. and that’s okay. You do you. And I’ll do me.  You like what you like and I’ll like what I like. The world is not going to end because I and others like/love SAMCEDES…like/love the Trouble Tones….like/love Mercedes..and my world won’t end if you don’t.

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